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Computer Recycling Chicago

Computer Recycling Chicago

Computer Recycling Chicago

Computer Recycling Chicago


3.2 million tons of PC equipment is already in landfills.
At least 150 million personal computers will be buried in US landfills by 2005, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University.
Computers can contain up to 6.3% lead.

Computer Recycling is a full service recycler. We recycle all types of computer equipment, as well as other electronic components. Our goal is to maximize returns to both the environment and to you, our customer.

Let us be your recycling partner.

We are committed to the environment and its preservation. In the past we have dealt with institutions, from large corporations to schools, who feel the same way we do. Any organization, big or small, who has old computers, computer components, or electronic components will benefit from our service.

Don't throw your electronic "junk" away and contribute to our waste problem. Contact Computer Recycling to see how we can help you, and make Chicago a better place to live for all of us.

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